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A projekt során több, az érdekelteknek szóló rendezvényt tervezünk, valamint lehetőség esetén igyekszünk a projektet más nemzetközi rendezvényeken is bemutatni.

The main objective of our events is to inform the parties concerned on the goals and results of the project.

Our first event under the name of Kick Off meeting was held in Feldbach on the 22nd September, 2008 along with a press conference. The local governments (municipalities) and the civil organizations of the Raab valley were invited to the event. During the conference, we informed the parties concerned on the planned project, presented the main characteristics of the flood forecast system already in place as well as the planned results of the projects.

The second meeting was held along with a press conference on the 18th and 19th October, 2010 in Szentgotthárd. On the first day the enterpreneurs responsible for the development of the forecasting system as well as reputed external experts met in szentgotthárd to discuss the tasks in order to harmonize and standardize the models at different development levels.
During the second day of the workshop the project partners informed the members of the press and those concerned on the current status of both the project execution and the development of the model system.

Popularization of the project at external events:

On the 25th and 26th May, 2010, we participated in the workshop under the name of „Advances in Flood Forecasting and the Implicatons for Risk Management” ( organized by the International Commission for Hydrology in the Rhein Region (Internationalen Komission für die Hydrologie des Rheingebietes) in Alkamaar. At the event, the Austrian project partners presented the goals of the projects and the planned flood forecasting system on posters as well as verbally.

The facilitator of the project, the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Austria - Hungary 2007-2013, held its annual meeting in Nagycenk on the 14th September, 2010. During the conference the parties concerned and beneficiaries could obtain information on the projects to be executed within the confines of the programme. At the event the Hungarian project partners had the opportunity to make a joint presentation on the expected and already achieved results of the ProRaab(a) and the Openwehr projects (

On the 20th October, 2010. our project was presented at the „Environment and Energy” RECOM Network Meeting along with the Openwehr project. (

We are also planning to introduce the forecast system established for the whole drainage basin territory of the river Raab at the conference „Aqua Alkta” on the Climate Change, Flood Control and Water Construction to be held between the 11th October and 13th October, 2011. (Kongress für Klimafolgen, Hochwasserschutz und Wasserbau) (