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The West Transdanubian Water Directorate is a regional public administration body under the control of the Minister for Environment and Water. The total operational area is 7587 km2, and fundamentally lies within the administrative boundaries of Vas and Zala counties, but overlies some areas of Győr-Moson-Sopron, Veszprém and Somogy counties. The landscape is moderately hilly, the dominant settlement type is village.

An organisation funded by the central budget, it is an independent legal body with an autonomous management.

  • Number of settlements: 498

  • Population: 577 866

Major river basins:

  • Mura river basin (14138 km2), of which only 15 % lies in Hungary.

  • Zala river basin (2622 km2), which is entirely in Hungary.

  • Rába river basin (5566 km2), of which 75 % is in Austria.

The surface water resource (discharge) in this district is 57 m2/s (ha ez vízhozam, akkor m3/s, és angolul stream discharge, a ford. megj.). Exploitation in the Rába river basin is 25%, 90% in the Zala river basin and 0.5% in the Mura basin. 86% of the groundwater recovery is from shallow ground water and vadose-zone wells, producing about 40-50 million m3 / yr in 1500 producing wells. There are 12 thermal-baths and spas.

Piped water supply in our operational area in Vas county is 96%, and 99% in Zala. However the proportion of dwellings connected to a waste water system is 44% is Vas and 47% in Zala county. It is planned to reach 65% in Vas and 68-69% in Zala by 2010.

  • The total length of streams managed by the Directorate: 1526 km.

  • The total length of streams managed by associated partners: 2848 km.

The total length of 1st order levies:

  • 25 kms in Vas county along the river Rába to protect the cities of Szentgotthárd, Körmend, and Sárvár.

  • 15 kms in Zala county along the river Zala and 43 kms along the river Mura.

Our operational area borders with three countries, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. We maintain close contacts with the local water management authorities of these three neighbours, and conduct joint maintenance and projects on shared stream sections, pursuant to bilateral water management agreements.

Core activities:

As experts, we participate in official and professional water management procedures as a water management supervisory body.

Our key responsibilities arise from the adaptation of the provisions of the European Water Framework Directive.

We are responsible for harmonisation of the water management operations in our operational area, with respect to water resource management, hydrography, prevention of damage caused by water, prevention of environmental and water quality degradation, stream management, water utilisation, lake management, water supply, sewage and waste water treatment.

One of our key responsibilities is to ensure the safety of the population against flood events, partly through flood prevention installations, partly through the direction and coordination of operative flood prevention and mitigation activities.

In addition to our general duties, our key responsibilities include maintaining relationships with municipalities in connection with public utilities and local flood damage prevention.

Climatic and terrain conditions, as well as the dense drainage network require that we stress the importance of water management and amelioration in hilly regions.

Due to the prevailing settlement structure in the operational area, water supply, sewage and waste water systems represent a significant issue.

The operational area includes the Little Balaton Water Management System, which is under construction. The primary objective of this system is water quality protection of Lake Balaton. Our responsibilities include project implementation, operation of the completed facilities, taking into account relevant nature conservation criteria.

In 2005, the Directorate implemented a quality control system under ISO 9001:2000 in the operational area. The system applies to hydrography (gauging) station data collection, data processing, archiving and transfer, as well as the sale of hydrologic data to third parties.

Pursuant to bilateral agreements, the Directorate co-operates with the competent water management authorities of Austria, Croatia and Slovenia in border river related issues.

The Maintenance Unit of the Little-Balaton Water District Office in Keszthely-Fenékpuszta

has a business venture, offering services in the following areas: water management, landscaping, vehicle repair and maintenance.

The West Transdanubian Environment and Water Directorate is a result-oriented organisation striving for success in its operations. Our mission is to maximise the contribution of our colleagues' dedicated work to the development of West Transdanubia, its economy and settlements, and to improve the living standard of the local communities.