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The North Transdanubian Water Management Authority (EDUKOVIZIG) is a regional public administration body under the control of the Minister for Environment Protection and Water Management. An organisation funded by the central budget, it is an independent legal body with an autonomous management. The Authority was founded on 1st October 1953. Its operational area is 6370 km2, and includes the whole of Komárom-Esztergom and Győr-Moson-Sopron counties as well as the northern parts of Vas and Veszprém counties.

The head office of the Authority is located in Győr, with four branch offices responsible for various regional duties:

- Rába (Raab) branch office (Head office in Győr)

- Szigetköz branch office (Head office in Ásványráró)

- Tata branch office (Head office in Tata)

- Hanság branch office (Head office in Csorna)

Operating area of EDUKÖVIZIG

Key responsibilities include:

  • Prevention/remediation: prevention against floods, inland flooding/water logging, water quality conservation measures
  • Water resource management
  • Execution of responsibilities defined in the Water Framework Directive
  • Writing grant applications for EU funded programmes, and also for international projects
  • Border river co-operation with Austria and Slovakia
  • Waste management
  • Participation in environmental education/tarining and awareness programmes


Core activities include the responsibilities delegated by regulations, as statutory duties:

- „Responsibilities in connection with protection against flood damage - construction, improvement, maintenance and operation of installations against damages caused by water and protection against floods is the responsibility of the State, municipalities and other stakeholders."

Water resource management, being that part of the consistent water management system, which comprises the activities needed for harmonisation of water resources with the water users' qualitative and quantitative as well as temporal and spatial needs and requirements.

By obtaining access into the European Union, the Hungarian environmental and water management authorities have assumed an important role in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. In accordance with the Directive's objectives:

  • to prevent further degradation of aquatic ecosystems and wetlands, to protect and improve their condition

  • to promote sustainable water use that is based on the long-term protection of water resources

  • to stop the inflow of hazardous materials and substances and to reduce pollutants

  • to mitigate the effects ad/or damages caused by floods and droughts.

By implementing the measures required under the Water Framework Directive, we contribute to the following:

  • securing the qualitative and quantitative parameters of surface and groundwater needed to secure sustainable, balanced and equitable water use,

  • significant reduction in groundwater pollution,

  • protection of a territorial waters and marine waters, and

  • fulfilment of the objectives of relevant international treaties and conventions"

The location of Hungary and ÉDUKÖVIZIG in the Danube basin