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Report on the Acqua Alta conference - 2011. 11. 04

Report on the Acqua Alta conference
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Press conference and workshop in Güssing - 2011. 06. 09

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Workshop and press conference in Güssing - 2011. 05. 26

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Project presentation to the Water Management Council - 2011. 05. 18

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Project report - 2nd May, 2011 - 2011. 05. 09

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Workshop in Burgenland between 31st May and 1st June, 2011 - 2011. 04. 21

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Data workshop and press conference in Szentgotthárd - 2010. 10. 28

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Data workshop in Szentgotthárd - 2010. 10. 18

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News - September 2010. - 2010. 09. 22

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We handed the first progress report of the project - 2010. 07. 30

Upon signature of the sponsorship contract, the actual execution of the project started. On July 23rd, 2010 we handed the first progress report of the project. The preparatation and the actual development and improvement of the forecast system in both Hungary and Austria as well as the public procurement procedures are under way.
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Expert meeting in Kreischbergen - 2009. 04. 30

St. Georgen. An Austrian-Hungarian expert meeting was held recently in Georgen ob Murau in lieu of the cross-border ProRaab EU-project.
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Highlights - 2009. 01. 22

Joint flood early-warning system on the river Raab (Rába)
Steiermark, Burgenland and Hungary will jointly implement a shared early warning system on the river Raab (Rába) to increase the efficiency of flood early warning process along the river and in the river basin...
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The grand opening of the project - 2009. 01. 21

The grand opening of the project took place on the 22 September, 2008. The Project Leading Authority has been formed out of project partners during the closed meeting in the morning. Press conference was held right afterwards. During the afternoon open conference, anybody could get familiar with the goals and fields of the project.
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